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Healthcare & Wellness

SBLM creates HealthCare & Wellness solutions that are both visually appealing and properly organized and equipped for patients of any type. We embrace the possibilities inherent in a patient-centered medical model. We want our clients to benefit from the relationship between optimum health and physical space through innovative design, to streamline operations, enrich staff and patient experiences, and ultimately improve outcomes in healthcare delivery. Anticipatory Thinking SBLM considers the flexibility and adaptability so that facility can accommodate future growth through expansion, upgrade, or conversion. We incorporate sustainable design initiatives that reflect emerging trends in all areas of healthcare and wellness, from prescription care to preventative care in a supportive, comfortable environment. Patient-Centric Design Our design solutions provide environments that convey respect and dignity to patients while also supporting the medical staff in their mission to help. Anticipating the needs of patients and staff is a key element of the design process ensuring that your facility will allow patients to feel comfortable while receiving the care they need.

Northwell's South Shore University's - New Four-Story Brackett Building Addition

Please enjoy the video!

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