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Our Studios

The structure of SBLM is based on five integrated studios in all locations that allow us to have a diverse clientele and a wide variety of challenging projects. 

Healthcare & Wellness


SBLM’s specialized team of healthcare architects and planners understand what matters most: patient safety, quality, effectiveness, technology integration, flexibility, sustainability, and optimizing the patient experience. Our healthcare projects include free-standing medical office buildings, cancer treatment centers, diagnostic imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, outpatient services and healing environments.


Each healthcare project was programmed and designed with input from administrators, physicians and staff.  Each facility responds to the specific needs of the practice types with a focus on creating a warm, inviting setting for its patients, and functional spaces for the physicians and staff.



Through a rigorous, interactive design process, we collaborate with our K-12 and Higher Education clients to develop campus plans and architecture, which support their mission and objectives.


The built environment has a direct and measurable impact on student and teacher performance.  Thoughtful design can inspire, promote well-being and build connections between people. 


In our environments for learning, we aim to create places that nurture inclusive learning communities where all students feel they belong.

Retail & Commercial


One of the most exciting aspects of working on retail projects is the challenge for our team to design every store to respect the distinct architectural and cultural characteristics of each location. From welcoming restaurants to vibrantly unique stores, we design spaces that draw in customers and encourage them to linger and explore.

Every one of our retail clients is completely different. We understand that there are unique needs for every project, whether it is an individual distinctive store or a multi-store roll-out program.  We work closely with every client to create project programming that carries a client’s brand forward.  Successful retail design reflects our client’s brand and must market the overall retailer itself  and embody  their  core values.

Mixed-Use & Residential


Our understanding of what makes a residential building ideal is, livability, practicality and functionality.  Our buildings are not conceived in isolation: they physically and visually connect the residents and community, introduce ground floor uses (retail and/or amenity space) that "invigorate the locale," include studied massing that complements the city setting, and comprise carefully created facades, whether traditional or contemporary, that are designed in response to the local urban fabric.


A mixed-use development combines multiple uses within a building or a site that complement each other to create a cohesive and effective environment.  SBLM works closely with the stakeholders of all elements of the development to make sure that the building design is integrated into the public realm.



Exceptional civic spaces can empower citizens, support local needs, and ignite city-wide pride. We work with cities and government bodies to create flexible design that consolidates departments, converts existing spaces and preserves historic character.


Since its inception, SBLM has worked on public projects that serve broad civic needs.  These projects begin with an assessment of existing facilities and functions, programming for a new building, and site analysis for potential locations. Public meetings and early community input are a critical part of the process for a successful civic project. We work with municipal clients to design functional architecture of lasting value that enhances communities.   


Fundamental to SBLM’s design process is exploring sustainable design to reduce operational costs.  Through our collaborative process, the realization of the project, with thoughtful design to the environment, we are pleased to play a role in building healthy, vibrant  civic communities.

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