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Miami Center for Mental Health & Recovery

Miami, FL

Originally constructed in 1982, the seven story 180,000 sf vacant South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center is being renovated and transformed into a $51 million groundbreaking Miami Center for Mental Health & Recovery. This undertaking is the first of its kind to create a centralized continuum of care for individuals with serious mental illnesses diverting them from the Criminal Justice System to a facility where they can be properly cared for and treated. The project is designed to be an extensive and coordinated service which will incorporate intake and assessment, crisis stabilization, residential treatment and support, judicial hearings and social services encompassing all the needs for this critical population. By housing a comprehensive array of service and administration in one location and providing reentry assistance upon discharge to the community it is anticipated that many of the barriers and obstacles to navigating traditional community mental health and social services will be eliminated. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of recidivism to the Justice system, provide early intervention for future crisis events and plenary support for this under-served population.

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