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New Four-Story Brackett Building Addition

Suffolk, NY

SBLM was selected by Northwell Health to provide Architectural and Engineering services for the design and construction of a new four-story addition, extending South Shore Hospital’s existing Brackett Building. The hospital’s current Brackett Building consists of a first floor Psychiatric ED; Second and Fourth floors are in-patient bed floors; and the third floor, Cardiology Cath/EP Suites. Floors two and four will be a bed extension to the existing telemetry and pediatric in-patient bed units. Floors one and three will be shell space for future use, with the third floor planned for two additional Cath/EP labs. SBLM is coordinating the exterior façade design to work in harmony with the existing abutting building and developing a new architectural vocabulary on the campus.

Challenges included an extremely tight site; the building is located in a hurricane zone and flood plain; an adjacent noisy emergency generator; regulatory integration of the new spaces with existing units; and relocating a primary egress stair from the existing floors without disrupting egress.

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