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Essex Green Town Center

West Orange, New Jersey

Essex Green Town Center, built as a community shopping center in 1957, was antiquated and vastly in need of redevelopment. Despite its key location along a busy thoroughfare, the center was no longer serving the community or living up to its potential. Several factors, including the odd configuration of the central shopping center building and outdated layouts of the stores combined to prevent the center from competing with modern regional shopping centers. SBLM's redesign scheme reimagined the space to serve the new face of the community in a more complete way. Redesign of the mall included allowing the large retail anchor stores to give back space to create smaller format stores. A higher ratio of food anchoring shops were positioned near to draw traffic to the entrance, and common areas were enhanced to create more points of convergence. The newly renovated center includes junior stores, small shops, local services and restaurants. Other features include improved circulation and access from the main road.

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