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Cortlandt Crossing Town Center

Cortlandt Manor, NY

The design for Cortlandt Crossing Shopping Center enriches and strengthens the retail corridor along Route 6/ Main Street in the Town of Cortlandt. This outdated property was transformed into an uplifted and attractive shopping destination by incorporating modern and attractive details, sidewalks, new landscaping, and the addition of a signalized four-way intersection to improve traffic flow.


The client’s goal was to build a new development to maximize the real estate potential of the site while remaining contextual with the scale of the community.


With its prominent frontage along Route 6, the building improves on the community’s retail density by creating a harmonious rhythm of retail bays that create visual interest and variety. Materials were selected based on the existing context that defined a ‘street façade.’ Predominate use of face brick, cornices, and a pronounced base become the heart of the town center vocabulary. The chosen materials set off extensive areas of glass and window, providing visual access to interior use. The use of scale, canopies, overhangs, and porticos help to clearly define the entrances, which relate to the vehicular and pedestrian site design pathways. In addition to boasting great visibility and access, Cortlandt Crossing is also home to Homesense, Chipotle, Verizon, and Aspen Dental.

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