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Kohl's NYC Design Office

New York, NY

SBLM provided complete interior design, architecture and engineering services for Kohl's Department Stores' signature apparel and home goods brands, creating new, modern offices for the Company's design team. The client requested a contemporary office design that would foster the collaboration of ideas among designers, fitters, and merchants. The space occupies three floors of a Manhattan high-rise building, linked by a new internal monumental stair that acts as a central hub of activity. The design incorporates a racetrack circulation with private offices and meeting spaces at the core. To maximize the harvesting of daylight, work-spaces are situated at the perimeter. The design also includes a fully-equipped lunch and lounge area with serving counters, booths, and café tables. The studio incorporates rooftop terraces, adaptable showrooms and flexible spaces to suit the client's varied needs. Improved views of the Empire State Building are a highlight of the new office.

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