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Burlington Buyer's Office

New York, NY

In 2010, Burlington Stores began a strategic reevaluation of its working environment and selected SBLM Architects to design a new office to replace their existing New York Buyer’s Office. The new office houses permanent staff and serves as a hoteling base of operations for merchandising staff when they do business in the New York area. The office space is approximately 16,000 sf and comprises an open work area, private offices, showrooms, and a satellite executive office suite and board room. SBLM’s design established two distinct work areas to maximize flexibility for hoteling staff members without affecting the functioning of permanent staff. The design utilizes an open-office configuration with large floating worktables and low partitions to maximize collaboration and interaction among the staff. The design sets a new benchmark for Burlington Store’s working environment. SBLM created an office that has warmth and energizes the staff by incorporating graphics and displays relating to the company’s work product. Special emphasis was placed on each individual’s ability to control their environment with individual cooling controls, low-glare lighting, and furniture solutions that can be tailored to their needs.

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