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“Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may  be one’s aim.” – John D. Rockefeller


Not So Fast JDR!  In the case of the built environment, SBLM respectfully disagrees. We happen to be committed to the honorable idea that re-purposing buildings which have outlived their original intention can best be utilized for a different, more useful, beneficial function.


We integrate architecture, design, engineering, historic preservation, and materials conservation in our projects to ensure a structure’s new life is even better than its previous one. Our ever-increasing portfolio of adaptive re-use projects includes such a wide array of building types.  The constant throughout all of these types is that our designs and recommended corrective actions are responsive to our clients’ goals and aspirations while remaining sensitive to each building’s original character and potential. We devise sustainable solutions that ensure future viability and create value.


Here's a great example:

Originally constructed in 1982, the 7- story 180,000 sf vacant South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center is being renovated and transformed by SBLM Architects, into a $42 million groundbreaking Miami Center for Mental Health & Recovery. According to Jim Cohen, AIA and Principal-In-Charge of this project, "This undertaking is the first of its kind to create a comprehensive, coordinated system of care for individuals with serious mental illnesses who are frequent and costly recidivists to the criminal justice system, homeless continuum of care, and acute care medical and mental health treatment systems." 

Currently under construction, when completed, the facility will house a comprehensive array of treatment and support services including screening and assessment, crisis stabilization and detox services, various levels of residential treatment, substance use and trauma-related treatment services, outpatient behavioral health and primary care treatment, crisis respite services, and employment/vocational training services. The facility will also include space for the courts and social service agencies, such as housing providers, legal services, and immigration services that will address the comprehensive needs of individuals served.

By housing a comprehensive array of services and supports in one location, and providing re-entry assistance upon discharge to the community, it is anticipated that many of the barriers and obstacles to navigating traditional community mental health and social services will be eliminated. The services planned for the facility will address critical treatment needs that have gone unmet in the past and reduce the likelihood of recidivism to the justice system, crisis settings, and homelessness in the future. We’ll keep up you up to date with the progress of this exciting

project through upcoming posts.

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