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The Benjamin

Ridgewood, NJ

The design of the Benjamin is influenced by the Ridgewood Village Center Historic District. While the site is not within district boundaries, it is immediately across the street from buildings that contribute to this collection of well-preserved commercial, civic, and cultural buildings dating from 1890-1950. The district has a streetscape that inspires walking and follows the model of a typical “Main Street.” While the District displays a diverse set of architectural styles, they form a homogenous unit.

The Benjamin was thoughtfully designed to incorporate colonial details and proportions that would fit seamlessly as a “good neighbor” to the District. The design is organized with a strongly defined base that relates to pedestrians and houses retail with upper floors, housing residential, designed to break up the massing and diminish the vertical scale. The top floor is concealed within dormers and a clipped corner tower. Care was taken to remain contextual with storefronts and window frames, trim, moldings, and cornices. Materials were used to relate the building in color and texture while facilitating efforts to break up the massing.

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