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Huntington Shopping Center

Huntington, NY

The Huntington Shopping Center is 117,000 sf of retail space. Tenant spaces are strategically curated to provide essential services to its community. Situated next to a regional mall, the center supplements rather than competes with the mall’s offerings. The core premise of the architectural design is to bring the customers to the site for day-to-day necessities such as groceries, pet supplies, and home goods, but to seduce them into staying to discover other retail offerings. Architecturally, this is achieved by offering an attractive and welcoming pedestrian experience executed in style that is relatable and uplifting to the community. The shopping center is comprised of six buildings. Meandering among the buildings are wide sidewalks and pathways that provide shelter and respite. The pedestrian experience offers many choices for shoppers to rest, gather and engage with products as they approach the storefronts. A high percentage of the center is devoted to food & beverage tenants which seasonally connect to the outdoors with robust café seating that engages the pathways and shelter within periodic pocket-parks.

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