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The Bath Beach School

Brooklyn, NY

PS/IS 163K is a new 102,000 sf building connecting underground to the existing school on the same lot as PS 748 (the former PS163K). The design challenges included particular space planning to address site restrictions while creating a facade that complimented the color scheme of the old building. An efficient massing was accomplished by stacking a new playground on the lower roof of the new building above a new auditorium which is followed below by a gymnasium. This configuration was further designed as a link to allow access points between the new and existing schools for use by the students and community during after school hours. This was one of the initial projects to comply with the NYC Green Schools Guide. Sustainable design initiatives incorporated systems that enhance the indoor air quality, acoustical performance, lighting, and temperature control. In addition, the maintenance of the new building reduces water usage and the finishes use recycled materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

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