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Centura College Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Teterboro, New Jersey

This project is an adaptive-reuse of a two level mercantile space into a state-of-the-art environment conducive to learning, hands-on training, and the development of technical skills required for aviation maintenance professionals.

The layout leverages a linear student routine by organizing the program in a similar manner to an airport terminal. The students arrival procedure with administration emulates ticketing. Support services and enrollment were positioned like airport security, and a long, wide central corridor like a concourse serves common areas, breakout space and student life areas.

At the end of the concourse is a functional hangar, split into two areas of learning - mechanics and airframe. The Hangar is surrounded by lab spaces, equipped with the latest technology for theoretical instruction. Simulation storage, tool, and resources rooms were woven between labs for flexible use. Design of each lab required an in-depth understanding of specialized tools and equipment that would be used by the curriculum. Additionally, controlled use of hazardous materials, chemicals and safety equipment required diligent and thoughtful planning.

Enhancing both learning experience and enrollment potential, observation rooms offer unobstructed views of the hangar, allowing students to observe ongoing maintenance activities.

The facility also includes a basement level, that provides conventional classrooms for team learning and an outdoor tarmac area for exercising real jet engines.

The resulting design is a dynamic and forward looking facility.

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