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We Have A New Addition to the SBLM Healthcare / Wellness Family!

SBLM Has Partnered Wth BUCKL Architects

The combined company is now:

SBLM, national architects with a separate healthcare studio and BUCKL Architects, top rated, regional healthcare architects, have joined forces to provide expanded professional healthcare planning, programming and design services to address the burgeoning need for healthcare, wellness, residential treatment centers, long term care facilities, birth centers, hospice centers, mental health and addiction treatment centers, rehabilitation facilities, just to name a few.

SBLM / BUCKL is being driven by the top leadership of both firms. Joshua Burdick, AIA, President of SBLM Architects, Walter Ksiazak, AIA, and Keith Kammerer, AIA, both Principals of BUCKL Architects will be leading the combined SBLM healthcare studio and the BUCKL staff of healthcare professionals. 

We share a sympathetic culture and commitment to Patient Centered Design (PCD), focusing on the needs of patients and their families in concert with their medical professionals as they navigate their health care journey.

Our integrated teams are completely conversant through technology. Our diverse office locations include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.  We are able to provide our services from the office most accessible to our clients and projects.

This is one more way that we are improving business every day.

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